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RBR is a comprehensive resource for how-to cycling information across all areas of importance to all levels of recreational road riders. We’ve been at this since 2001 and have tens of thousands of readers around the world. And we’ve got thousands of pages of targeted, how-to road cycling knowledge on our site – not to mention the best cycling eBookstore on the Internet: over 120 titles in short-form eArticles and longer form eBooks.

Most of RBR’s contributors are cycling coaches (just not the big, famous, expensive ones!). They all have significant, useful experience to share. And they do so by writing articles posted to our site, and by writing the eArticles and eBooks we sell (making a little pocket money in the process!). We love working with coaches, because it benefits both the coaches and RBR. Here’s how:

You Gain Exposure and Potential New Clients:

  • Our audience features a range of cyclists – some of whom seek direct coaching to improve their riding or reach certain performance goals – and we’ll happily provide links to your coaching site, run bio info along with your contributions, work with you to publish eArticles and eBooks, etc. See Our Contributors for a quick look.

We Offer Your Clients Great How-To Resources:

  • In addition to our free weekly flagship RBR Newsletter and loads of free content on our site, we offer an annual Premium Membership that allows access to our entire comprehensive database of how-to cycling knowledge. Your clients can search our thousands of pages of info as a one-stop resource to research any aspect of cycling. It’s a great perk you can offer your clients. And we’re happy to offer you discounts on Premium Memberships to purchase for your clients.
  • The RBR eBookstore is another terrific resource of ready-made material that you can use to help coach your clients, or that they can access for additional in-depth info on targeted aspects of cycling. (Premium Members get 15% off all our ePubs and gear.)

We Offer You Site-Building and Coaching Resources:

  • You’d rather be coaching than trying to write content for your website. We will happily offer you a package of content that you can use to quickly and easily build (or build out) your website. Simply choose your content from our vast archives, pay a small usage fee, and – voila! – you’re all set. You can use our content either as traditional web pages or as PDFs (click to see how CinciCyclingCoach does it.)
  • The same thing goes for the vast coaching resources we have. Why reinvent when you can easily use existing eArticles and training plans written by other certified coaches? Buy copies of targeted eArticles or eBooks to use in coaching your clients. (And write some of your own to sell in RBR’s Bookstore to other interested road cyclists. It’s a terrific way to gain exposure and make a bit of extra money!)

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