Do You Ever Forget to do Something to Your Bike You Meant to Do Before Your Next Ride?

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Past Questions of the Week

Do You Have a Typical Routine You Follow to Regain Form after Vacation?

Which Area of Cycling Do You Like Most (Climbing, Flats, etc.)?

Have You Had a Memorably Awful Day on the Bike?

What Do You Do to Stay Visible on the Road (choose all that apply)?

What Do You Drink on a Typical Summer Ride? Choose all that Apply.

Do You Always Use a Torque Wrench and Tighten Parts to Exact Specs on Your Bike(s)?

In the Summer, do You Always Wear Sunscreen and/or Protective Apparel While Riding?

Do you use a computer and/or power meter?

How many gears are on the cassette of your everyday road bike?

What are your plans for switching to electronic shifting on your road bike?

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