By Mike Dayton


  • natural fiber, not synthetic
  • insulates well
  • wicks sweat to keep skin drier
  • doesn't retain body odor
  • machine washable


  • takes on a "relaxed fit" after repeated wearing
  • can feel too warm if temperature rises
Price:  $69
Source:  website
Sizes:  M, L
Color:  charcoal
How obtained:  sample from company
RBR advertiser:  yes
Tested:  15 hours

Here's the Boure product description:

"This 100% extra fine Merino wool base layer is unmatched for cold winter activities! Seamless body knit for added comfort. Made specifically for cyclists, it offers a snug, elastic fit that won't bunch up under another jersey and regulates your core micro climate and keeps you comfortable longer. Works best for layering in temps of 20 to 45 (F) degrees. Our long-sleeve base layer is made of a fabric 25% heavier than the sleeveless base layer we offer. Made for us in Italy. Certified Machine Washable."

Boure deserves a nod for several details. The shirt tail was longer in the back. That's clearly a cycling-specific design to keep it tucked in when you're in the drops.

With cuffs, a crew neck and a ribbed design, the shirt resembles a classic crew-neck sweater. Got a few errands to run around town on a chilly day? Go ahead, pull it on. you'll be glad you did.

The ribbed pattern appeared to account for an elasticity that made the Bour?? shirt snugger than other wool base layers I've worn. That snugness is a good thing, in my experience. No matter how taut that wool shirt is off the rack, a relaxed fit is just a few wears away.

I suspect there's a trade-off. The Boure shirt seems likely to hold its shape longer, but during my initial wears it felt itchy compared to other wool base layers I've used.

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