By John Marsh, Editor & Publisher

4 and half stars

Louis Garneau Course Power Shield Jersey front.web

Louis Garneau Course Power Shield Jersey back.web

Cost: $159.99
Features: Polartec® Power Shield® Pro for windbreaking, breathability
How Obtained: review sample from company
Available: online and retail
RBR Sponsor: no
Time tested: several rides over 2 months

Fits like a glove. Cuts through the wind. Locks in the warmth.

I saw a precursor of this jersey at Interbike last fall, and was eager to try it out. Representing a new wave of more “weather resistant” short-sleeve jerseys, the Course was actually designed by Polartec for Garneau.

The material is a technical mélange that features Polartec’s Power Shield Pro to help block 99% of the wind, Heatmaxx to retain body heat, and Super Lite Dry as a water repellent. The Polartec material looks and feels almost like a thin softshell.

The sum of its parts, this is one high-performing jersey that fits like a glove (racer fit), cuts through the wind and locks in the warmth. But it’s loaded with other features beyond the synergistic combination of technical materials, including:

  • a cycling-specific collar that sits high and stretches for free movement
  • a silicon gripper at the hem, and a Super Lite Dry extension beyond the hem to offer additional protection of the lower back and butt from water and grime thrown up during wet rides
  • reflective piping on the rear pockets and a big, stout full length zipper that allows ventilation when needed (many zippers seem frail and wimpy; not this one)

This jersey is a wonder. It’s great for chilly, windy days and functions like a thermal jersey and wind vest combined. I’ve worn it on days I would otherwise wear a regular jersey, arm warmers and wind vest in combination (and was able to skip the arm warmers, as it kept my core toasty warm). And I’ve also worn it on days that started cool and ended warm; its breathability allows for a very decent temperature range while remaining comfortable.

March 2015

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