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Top Tips for Base Training in the Cold

By Coach John Hughes  I live in Colorado and I Nordic skied on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then my buddy and I enjoyed our weekly ride on Thursday. As I write this, a fire in my wood stove is keeping me warm. This is the time of year when I outline my clients' training plans for the year ahead. For the next 3 - 5 months I plan base training, whether the client lives in Boston, Colorado, Maine or California (in other words, regardless of the climate). Base training has many important benefits. Here are my top tips for outdoor winter training rides.

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Warning Signs During Cold-Weather Exercise

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  You feel cold most in your fingers, ears and toes. During World War II, gunners on the bombers complained bitterly about frozen hands, ears and toes. The Army Air Force added special insulation to their gloves, hats and boots, and the flyers stopped complaining, even though they still suffered frostbite on the skin of their necks and front of their chests. They had unzipped their jackets because they didn’t feel cold. Following are tips to keep various body parts protected during cold weather exercise, followed by descriptions of (and warning signs for) hypothermia and frostbite.

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Pearl Izumi PI DRY Kit

By Brandon Bilyeu  The PI DRY technology is a very effective water-resistant approach that I find equal to its competitors in terms of performance in the wet. The big advantages are its claimed permanence, and its breathability and warmth when soaked through. The Pursuit Thermal Tights really are a nice piece of kit that is quite effective in cold and wet weather. The Escape Thermal Bib Shorts and Elite Arm/Knee Warmers are versatile kit that allow you to mix and match depending on the weather conditions.

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Great Winter Training eBooks!

StretchingCoreStrengtheningForTheCyclist.WEBStrengthening and Stabilization Training for the Cyclist.WEB

In Strengthening & Stabilization Training for the Cyclist, our new 44-page eBook, Coach Rick Schultz and Amy Schultz show you how to implement a strength & stability program specifically geared toward cyclists, but which delivers myriad valuable benefits, not just for cycling but for everyday life. (Their 57-page companion eBook, Stretching & Core Strengthening for the Cyclist, targets effective core-strengthening and stretching exercises specifically geared toward cyclists.). Amy Schultz is completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, is an accomplished cyclist and has done extensive research on athletes and injury prevention. Amy demonstrates the proper form for all the exercises in both eBooks. Each is just $14.95; $12.71 for Premium Members, who save 15%!

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Your Tips on Preventing Home Bicycle Thefts

By Jim Langley  I was slightly concerned writing last week’s Tech Talk on preventing bicycle thefts from garages. I didn’t know exactly how worldwide a problem it was or if it was happening in only a few areas. But, I’ve had bicycles stolen and know how awful it is. Plus, it’s known to hurt the growth of cycling because new cyclists whose bikes are stolen often quit because they feel violated and decide the sport’s not worth the risk. For these reasons I decided to go ahead and put the warning out and provide some suggestions.

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Strength Training May Reduce Deaths From Heart Attacks and Cancers

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  A recent study of almost 30,000 older women followed for 12 years shows that those who did strength training had fewer deaths from heart attacks and all causes than those who did not lift weights (J Am Heart Assoc, Oct 31, 2017;6(11)). Another study that followed 80,306 adults for two years shows that people doing both strength training and aerobic exercises had a 30 percent reduced rate of death from cancers and all causes (Am J Epidemiol, Dec 12, 2017).

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Plumbing the Depths for a 2-Pack of QTs

Today's QT comes to us from Premium Member Russ Starke, who offers a couple of QTs that he has gleaned from personal experience. Both of them have something to do with plumbers, the second a bit "cheekier" than the first. Here's what Russ writes:

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