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Winter's Coming

By John Marsh  Temps are falling in the Northern Hemisphere, and Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday, November 5, in the U.S. To mark this seasonal shift, this week and next we're offering a few articles to help you prepare for winter riding. Also, today we're launching Coach Rich Schultz and Amy Shultz's follow-up eBook to last year's very well-received Stretching and Core Strength for the Cyclist. The new companion eBook, Strengthening and Stabilization Training for the Cyclist, features 32 fully described exercises, clearly demonstrated in photos that accompany each exercise.

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New eBook: Strengthening and Stabilization Training for Cyclists

By Rick Schultz  This week, we launch Strengthening and Stabilization Training for the Cyclist, our new 44-page eBook in which my co-author and I clear up the confusion and take the guesswork out of knowing what to do, and how to do it, to implement a strengthening program that will ultimately make you a better cyclist. (Our companion eBook, Stretching and Core Strengthening for the Cyclist, targets effective core-strengthening and stretching exercises specifically geared toward cyclists.) 

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How to Fix Disc Brake Rubbing

By Jim Langley  I’ve been working on quite a few disc brake-equipped road bikes in our Praxis workshop lately. One of the problems that keeps coming up is a rubbing or dragging brake. The type of rubbing I’m seeing can be missed when riding because it’s slight. But if you lift the wheel that’s rubbing off the ground and give it a spin, you’ll realize straight away that the rotor (the metal disc attached to the wheel) is slightly rubbing, because the wheel will stop spinning much more quickly than the other wheel (unless it’s rubbing, too).

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What to Wear Across a Range of Weather

howtoEditor's Note: Each year when the weather starts to change (for the worse here in North America), I dust off this timeless advice from Coach David Ertl about what to wear in various weather conditions. I don't know about where you live, but here in Atlanta, fall abruptly arrived only last week – and with all seasonal changes in the weather, we roadies face numerous different choices about how to dress for conditions. Coach Ertl's got you covered. Note that the original column was written a little later in the year, but no matter. The Coach's advice (and handy downloadable chart) spans all seasons.

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Dial in Clothing Choices for Enjoyable Winter Riding

By Elizabeth Wicks  Elizabeth Wicks lives in the central Massachusetts area just north of Worcester and has been a record-setting endurance cyclist for 20 years. She rides year-round and logs 5,000 to 6,000 miles per year, riding year-round. Knowing that Elizabeth is an avid winter rider, even in the harsh conditions of the Northeast, we asked her to describe how she prepares for and rides in the winter. There are some terrific lessons here for all of us recreational roadies.

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Deceptive Headlines about Exercise and Heart Attacks a Gross Disservice

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  "You Can Exercise Yourself to Death, Says New Study" was the headline in The New York Post on October 17, 2017. Headlines like that are likely to discourage people from exercising and thus to shorten their lives. The entire article was a disturbing and offensive misinterpretation of a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago of 3,175 people in the CARDIA study (Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Oct. 16, 2017). The study showed that men who spend a lot of time exercising each week have more plaques in their arteries than moderate exercisers, but it did not show that these men suffer more heart attacks

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Defunkify Your Cycling Laundry

Editor's Note: We continue our recent series of QTs from the RBR Crew this this week's submission from Sheri Rosenbaum. Sheri offers some time-honored advice on laundering your cycling clothes, both to get out the stink and to make sure your clothes are best-positioned to clean them adequately. I add a couple of comments to Sheri's, including a recommendation for a workout clothing detergent I recently started using. —John Marsh

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Question of the Week

Today's QoW is one that several readers have suggested recently, as the weather has turned colder. Instead of offering a straight range of temperatures as choices, it seemed more appropriate to base the choices on how cold it gets where you live, PLUS a set number of degrees. (The fact is, if you're used to living in a certain climate - especially a cold one - it's more likely that your tolerance (and winter riding apparel) is synced up to that particular climate.)

(We really need to replenish our stock of Questions! Please submit you own QoW ideas using the Question of the Week Ideas link.)

What Is Your 'Cold Threshold' For Winter Riding? 

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