AAA Launches New Bicycle Roadside Service

By John Marsh, Editor & Publisher

In a nod to the growing acceptance of cycling as a means of transportation and the distance we sometimes ride from home (and a reality check on how many of its long-time services, such as free maps, route guides and such are now virtually obsolete) AAA recently announced that it is extending roadside service to bicycling members as well as driving members.

All bicycles and tandems, including rental bicycles and bicycle trailers, are eligible for roadside pickup and delivery to a safe destination if the bike can be safely delivered using normal servicing equipment.

Bicycle transportation service is provided only for the rider whose bicycle has become disabled or inoperable. Coverage applies to any eligible bicycle the member is riding at the time the bicycle becomes disabled. Just like when driving, the member should be with the bicycle and have their AAA Membership Card in hand at the time of service.

Under the terms of the pickup service, AAA will transport you and your bike to any point of safety within the limits of your coverage, based on the level of membership:

  • Classic: Get up to four transports within a 5-mile radius of the bicycle breakdown.
  • Plus: Get up to four transports within a 100-mile radius of the bicycle breakdown.
  • Premier: Get one transport, up to a 200-mile radius of the bicycle breakdown; remaining transports are 100 miles.

Think about that: With Plus membership, you can actually get picked up and driven 100 miles if necessary to reach a safe destination. Premier gets you up to 200 miles (but just once a year).

What You Don't Get

The service is strictly a pickup and delivery service that seems to be a "last resort" option. It does not include any type of repair or parts supply. In fact, there's a laundry list of "not included" items, including but not limited to:

  • Airing or changing a flat tire
  • Pickup from anywhere not reachable from a paved, "regularly traveled" road
  • Parts, including tires
  • Pickup for "fatigue and physical inability to continue with ride"
  • Locksmith services, in case you accidentally lock up your bike

Still, in a situation where you can't get a friend or family member to SAG you in – for example if you're touring far from home, on vacation, etc. – it's a service that could come in very handy when in need.

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