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How to Ride in Traffic

By Coach Fred Matheny  This is a complicated subject and the literature contains a wide range of opinions. Some riders never venture into heavy traffic, choosing either to ride on bike paths, drive to "safe" cycling roads or areas, or hang up their wheels. Others get downright surly about their rights to the road, which can lead to driver confrontations, accidents and injury. No cyclist is a match for a 4,000-pound box of metal. Here, I’ll take a middle course.

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How to Become a Better Cyclist, Part 2: Performance Riders

By Coach John Hughes  You want to become a better cyclist. But what does “a better cyclist” mean for you? Better often means wanting to ride faster, or harder, or stronger. These are hallmarks of a roadie who might consider himself or herself a "performance rider." Here are some examples of how performance riders might want to improve:

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Clement Strada LGG Tires

By Jim Langley  Clement’s Strada LGG Road tires earn our highest rating because they offer everything a great road tire should at about half the cost of similar performing rubber. And, at only about 220 grams, with a nice round profile for compliance and a grippy dual-compound tread, the Strada rolls and corners race-fast. I found the acceleration and cornering excellent on wet and dry pavement. The smooth center tread is a harder rubber than the sides for durability and better rolling resistance. When a product is so good and so affordable, it deserves 5 stars. 

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New eArticle, Bundle from Coach John Hughes

The Best of Coach Hughes: 5 eArticles to Make You a Better CyclistHow to Become a Better Cyclist: The Six Success Factors

In this new eArticle and new 5-article bundleCoach John Hughes provides a range of targeted advice to make you a better cyclist. From the six success factors to cycling improvement (in his new eArticle) to getting the most out of your training, to maximizing your use of intensity for performance improvement, to optimizing your recovery, to nutritional insights into how the pros eat and hydrate. Each one of these eArticles is terrific on its own merits; together, they make an indispensable set. The new bundle totals 140 pages and is available at the special price of $15.96; the Premium Member bundle price of only $13.57 is a savings of $11.38 off the full price! Non-Premiums save $8.99 off the cover price vs. purchasing all 5 articles individually.

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RBR Favorites: Our Groupsets and Gearing

Editor's Note: Some time ago, a Premium Member wrote in to ask if we could update an article we ran in which a couple of us on the RBR Crew provided a quick rundown of our favorite tires, and why we liked them. It was an excellent idea. So good, in fact, that I immediately decided to make it a regular feature – providing a rundown from RBR Contributors on our favorites across the spectrum of components, nutrition, clothing, accessories, you name it. Today we discuss our groupsets and gearing. (Here's a link to the gamut of RBR Favorites.)

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The Incredible Cycling Life of Ken Bonner

Editor's Note: Ken Bonner is a (former) marathon runner and renowned ultracyclist who holds the course record for the British Columbia Rocky Mountain 1200k and several UltraMarathon Cycling Association point-to-point records. Retired and living in Victoria, British Columbia, he rides about 18,000 miles a year. Ken's distance accomplishments are otherworldly, and he remains an amazing cyclist at age 74. Just for kicks, to celebrate turning 70, he rode more than 70 hours in 5 days – most of it in a cold rain. He slows down only when his grandkids get him sick!

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How to Adjust Brake Hood Position

quick tips bToday's QT comes to us from RBR Premium Member Martin Estner, who offers a take on adjusting the positioning of shifters/brake hoods. Here's what he writes: The recent tip on aligning a handlebar stem reminded me of how I adjust the positioning of brake hoods. I like my handlebar drops parallel to the ground, and I like my brake hoods to be set so that my hands and wrists are in a straight position with no bend as if I were shaking hands with the hoods.

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