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Inside this Issue; Recovery Lessons From Roger Federer

By John Marsh  As I was finalizing the editing and posting of Coach John Hughes' article today on the importance of Recovery as one of the Four Pillars to follow to help slow down the effects of aging, I was marveling at what was happening in the Australian Open tennis tournament. Every one of the four finalists was over 30 and a multiple major championship winner, the two winners were 35 (Roger Federer and Serena Williams) and the best ever at their sport. Most noteworthy was something Federer said about recovery after winning.

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Fit for Life VIII: The Four Pillars - No. 3 is Recovery

By Coach John Hughes  Cycling legend Ned Overend on training: “I do exactly what I’ve always done; it just takes me longer.” Overend, now 62, last year took second overall in the Iron Horse Classic Omnium in Durango. He was third in the Durango to Silverton road race, which goes over two passes, each over 10,000 feet. “… it just takes me longer.” Overend means he needs more recovery between his hard training rides than he did when he was younger. Recovery is the third pillar of four pillars we need to follow to slow the rate of our inevitable physiological decline:

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Should You Trash Your Rim Brakes?

By Jim Langley  If this week’s Tech Talk title caught your attention, it was supposed to. But I didn’t really make it up – I pretty much stole it. I paraphrased the title of the online Outside magazine article that ran recently, Why You Should Throw Your Rim Brakes in the Trash. The author basically says that discs on road bikes are so much better than rim brakes that you... well, you already know what he wants you to do with your rim brakes.

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Don't 'Cheat' at Intersections

By John Marsh  My buddy and I rolled up behind a line of cars waiting at the traffic light and dutifully took our spot in line behind about 10 cars awaiting the light change. Meanwhile, behind us a cycling couple pulled into a parking that is adjacent to the road and runs almost all the way to the intersection. We watched as they rolled through the parking lot, skirting the entire line of traffic, then rode on a sidewalk to the edge of a crosswalk at the intersection. It was one of those times when you just sit and watch as a fellow cyclist does something that makes you look bad by association. But it got worse.

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Common Fitting Problems And How to Address Them

By Rick Schultz  I am a USA Cycling Level 2 coach and specialize in bike fitting, power and pedaling efficiency coaching. When doing fittings, I regularly see significant problems that cyclists have no idea are causing the pain and discomfort they're feeling during and after riding. There are several fairly common problems, but today I'm going to take a look at the top 3, and give you some tips on how to avoid them. Before I get into a discussion of the specific problems though, it helps to understand the underlying issues of fitting a bike to a rider.

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Still Getting 'Fat' in the Winter

Editor's Note: Last year about this same time of year, Sheri Rosenbaum wrote this piece on fat bike riding as a winter training alternative. She's still hitting the trails – and even the beaches of Lake Michigan – on "Chris," her Trek Farley, named after the late comedian Chris Farley... "slow, large and a lot of fun!" We thought we'd rerun the article as a reminder of a fun alternative to the nowhere machine for anyone who lives in a climate that makes winter road biking untenable.

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Eat Whole Grains, Not Flour

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  Whole grains are healthful, while refined grains (foods made from flour) can be harmful, particularly if you are overweight or have high blood sugar levels. A recent review of 20 studies, with 2,282,603 participants and 191,979 deaths during the study periods, found that greater intake of whole grains was significantly associated with lower risk of all-cause mortality (Adv Nutr, November 2016;7:1052-1065). Each additional three servings of whole grains per day was associated with a 25 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Many other studies agree with these findings:

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