New eArticle Bundle: Preventing Cycling Ailments!

Preventing Cycling Ailments BundleIn this 4-article series Coach John Hughes provides a wealth of well-researched knowledge and vast experience in how to prevent and deal with some of road cycling's typical ailments: the "troika" of pressure points – issues with your butt, hands & feet; the scourge of cramps; nausea, bonking and other fuel-related maladies related to nutrition; and the power of the mental side to help forestall or overcome these and other on-bike issues. This terrific bundle includes all 4 eArticles (click the links to individual articles for detailed descriptions): Butt, Hands & Feet, Preventing and Treating Cramps, Nutrition for 100K and BeyondGaining a Mental Edge. PREVENTING CYCLING AILMENTS BUNDLEJust $15.96 (Save $4 vs. purchasing individually); $13.57 for Premium Members!

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