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First off, I just wanted to say Thank You! to those of you who signed up as a new or renewing Premium Member in response to the "summer pledge drive" email last week.

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—John Marsh

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New RBR Radio Podcast Page

I'm excited to officially launch RBR Radio, our new expert podcast series. You'll see the link to the RBR Radio page at the top of this and every page on the site, just below the main navigation bar (and to the right of the Facebook icon).

We're always looking for ways to keep RBR a fresh and useful tool for recreational roadies, and offering this additional resource of in-depth how-to road cycling knowledge fits in perfectly with our mission.

Distance cycing expert and race organizer George Thomas interviews experts across the cycling spectrum on topics including training, nutrition, skills, tech and more, presented in a free-form conversation. New podcasts will be added regularly. Tune in to hear the latest authoritative, informational how-to podcasts.

We'll focus on interviews with many of the stalwart contributors to RBR, including Coach John Hughes, Coach Fred Matheny, Coach David Ertl and others, elaborating on topics of interest across the board – but always with the How-To focus on recreational road riding that is the hallmark of RBR.

And we'll also reach out to other interesting figures in road cycling from time to time. In fact, we're working on lining up a podcast with the venerable Jens Voigt soon. We'll keep you posted on that.

Meantime, check out some of the podcasts already waiting for you on RBR Radio.

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