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Climbing for Roadies
By Coach Fred Matheny This book recognizes that few cyclists are "born to climb" in terms of genetic endowment, but every cyclist can reach his or her potential. What's required is understanding the principles, skills and tactics for strong and efficient climbing and then putting them into action, which means doing the work that's necessary. There are no shortcuts, but Coach Fred Matheny explai...
Coach Fred's Solutions to 150 Road Cycling Challenges
By Coach Fred Matheny "It's pretty simple to ride a bike," says author Fred Matheny. "But it's not simple to ride a bike well." That's the premise for this expert eBook that explores 150 challenges faced by road cyclists. Coach Fred's Solutions to 150 Road Cycling Challenges contains practical "how to" advice for new riders and grizzled veterans alike. Matheny delivers his expertise in the styl...
Cyclocross for Roadies
By Darren Cope How and Why to Get Started Cyclocross for Roadies is a great introduction to this arcane facet of cycling that has quite suddenly become the rage in North America. Written by Canadian 'cross enthusiast Darren Cope, this book packs its illustrated pages with all the essential advice and information you need to understand 'cyclocross and get started right. Cope explains why 'cross...
Skills Training for Cyclists
By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. Arnie Baker may be a national-class racer and coach of Olympic cyclists, but he hasn't lost touch with the needs of recreational riders. In Skills Training for Cyclists, he delivers an all-round education for newer roadies who want to flatten the learning curve. He contends that skills training improves seven key elements of cycling -- safety, comfort, energy use, con...
Stop Cycling's Showstoppers
By Coach John Hughes Many books offered by RBR are about training for rides. This one is about finishing rides, no matter what obstacles might crop up. It's a unique and highly useful reference for all cyclists. Coach John Hughes is a multi-time finisher in the Race Across America and Paris-Brest-Paris. In rides as long as those, if something can go wrong it probably will go wrong. Reaching the ...
Watch Your Line
Techniques to Improve Road Cycling Skills By Coach Alan Canfield This book is a great resource for beginner to mid-level roadies looking for a systematic approach to help improve their bike handling and riding skills. Improving and refining our skills can make cycling easier, more comfortable, and safer – for ourselves and our fellow riders. Alan Canfield, a USA Cycling certified coach, experien...

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