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All About Tire Inflation
By Frank Berto How full should you fill your tires for greater comfort, better cornering and lower rolling resistance? (Hint: It's probably not what's listed on the tire label.) The author uses extensive testing to clear up the confusion. His exclusive charts show you the ideal pressure for your weight and tire size. Off-road tires are included. Note: this is an eArticle. Your purchase will ...
How Derailleurs Work
By Frank Berto This eArticle is the 14th chapter of the author's masterpiece -- The Dancing Chain, a detailed history of the development of the derailleur bicycle. "How Derailleurs Work" explores the technical nitty gritty that's so critical to the smooth operation of today’s drivetrains, including front and rear derailleurs, shift levers, freewheels, chainrings and chains. Note: this is an ...
How to Make a Chain Catcher, 2nd Ed.
And Never Worry About a 'Suicide Shift' Again

By John Marsh, Editor & Publisher

That's right, you never again need to fear the chain overshooting the small chainring and falling onto the frame. The solution is in this fully illustrated article, showing you how to easily make a 100% effective chain catcher – just like the ones used on pro racing bikes before they became commercially available. It's a fun, ...

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