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Cycling in the Heat, Part 1: Ride Management

Cycling in the Heat, Part 1: Ride Management
More Articles by: Coach John Hughes
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By Coach John Hughes

In Cycling in the Heat: Part 1 - Ride Management, Coach John Hughes shares what he has learned from decades of riding and coaching, along with the current research of how the human body responds to heat.

The science and its applications are equally relevant to fitness-minded recreational cyclists and performance-minded riders alike. And riding in the heat isn’t just about riding when it’s hot outside. Whether you are riding in hot conditions or just riding hard in temperate conditions, heat (how it affects your body, and how you deal with it) is a factor in both your performance and your enjoyment of the ride.

Coach Hughes combines the latest scientific research and his wealth of riding and coaching experience to educate and prepare you to ride when your body heats up. No matter where you live, or how you ride, his excellent 19-page eArticle will help you manage heat on your rides. It covers:

  • Why you get hot—the ambient temperature isn’t the primary reason! Understanding your physiology in the heat will help you know how best to ride when you are hot.
  • How to acclimate to the heat whether you live in a hot region or where the temps are more moderate.
  • How to plan your season so that you are ready to ride when conditions are hot.
  • Tactics to ride in the heat.
  • Clothing and nutrition choices for hot days.
  • How to cool off if you overheat.
  • Heat-related health conditions and how to avoid them.

Coach Hughes pulled together so much helpful information about human performance in the heat that one eArticle wasn’t enough. So, in addition to Part 1, he’s written Cycling in the Heat: Part 2 – Hydration Management.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Cycling in the Heat series are available together in 2 cost-saving bundles: Cycling in the Heat Bundle (includes both titles) and the Summer Riding Bundle (includes both titles, in addition to Preventing and Treating Cramps, and Eating & Drinking Like the Pros).

Note: this is an eArticle. Your purchase will be stored as a PDF file in your customer account on the website for downloading and printing.

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