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Butt, Hands & Feet

Butt, Hands & Feet
More Articles by: Coach John Hughes
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Preventing and Treating Pain in Cycling’s Pressure Points

By Coach John Hughes

We ride, therefore we’re sore. But does it have to be that way? If RAAM riders can be pain-free, why can’t we?

When we have a specific pain while riding, we typically look at the source of the symptom – the immediate pressure point – and try to solve the issue there. However, the body is a kinetic chain of interconnected parts, and the problem doesn’t necessarily originate at the pressure point. Coach John Hughes looks at general causal factors, which can help you understand how to prevent problems at cycling’s pressure points, and then focuses on the specific factors that relate to the butt, hands and feet. He breaks down how equipment, fitness, technique, nutrition and anatomy can work in tandem to cause pressure-related sores and soreness. And he reveals how to best prevent these, and treat existing cases. If you’ve ever been sore while riding, this article is for you!

This is one of four articles in Coach Hughes’ indispensable cost-saving Preventing Cycling Ailments Bundle.

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